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at tysons corner, five women have been cut in the buttocks by a serial slasher. the assailant is targeting young woman in clothing stars in upscale malls in virginia. the latest attack was in fair oaks mall at a store called xxi, which trades under the name under 21. as has happened before, the man caused a distraction. >> she noticed out of the corner of her eye that clothes had fallen off a rack and there was a man over there and she looked over and felt a sudden piercing in her buttocks. >> reporter: at first the victim thought she backed into the sharp end of a hanger. but she suffered a inch and a half long cut in her behind. this has happened two times earlier at fair oaks mall. once at tysons corner center and in the marshalls store at
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greenbrier center on route 50. five attacks. police don't know whether the assailant is using a knife or a box cutter. some shoppers are concerned. >> we just heard about it before we came today and we were nervous because we went to the dmv but we were worried it would be unsafe to come. but there has been more security. >> do you feel safe? >> yeah, i do. we've been watching out for each other, guarding the back ce in fairfax county have released these photos from store security cameras. man they are looking for is hispanic, in his late 20s, heavy-set, about 5'6" in hike. on monday he was wearing white shorts and a short-sleeved shirt. a slight collection the other name that the store trades under is called forever 21. but at fair oaks mall the store is xxi which is roman numerals for 21. now police are wondering if there are more victims out
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there. because this guy sits and slips away so quickly, they are wondering if other women might have been poked or cut or slashed or whatever he's doing and they thought at the time it wasn't enough to report. they want to hear from you if that's the case. they're looking for this guy. they have a description of him and now photographs of him. and they hope that someone out there knows who this guy is who has been cutting women at various shopping centers in northern virginia. laura? >> john, is he doing more than just that? is he also stealing from them? is there anality tear -- anality earor motive. >> reporter: the police have note spoken to him so they don't know the motive. [ sirens ] >> tough to talk over the sirens. thank you. congressman wu of oregon said he will resign as soon as the debt ceiling crisis is
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resolved. wu is accused of having an unwanted sexual encounter with an 18-year-old woman last november. he was under pressure to step down. wu insist that's whatever happened was consental. president obama asked the american people to call their representatives about the debt budget. and time is almost out and there is still no resolution. pat has the latest. >> reporter: we have a week left and tonight there are two plans in the works. one by harry reid, the other by speaker of the house john boehner. but there are doubts tonight that either plan can make it. last night president obama called on the american people to call capitol hill, to voice their concerns about the gridlock. obama blamed republicans but then speaker boehner pointed the finger at the president. sure enough calls and e-mails were pouring in.
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we're told some websites crashed today. we visited congresswomen donna edwards office and her staff members received hundreds of e- mails and phone calls today alone. also the congresswoman told us that she had a telephone town hall meeting last night with 7,000 worried constituents. >> they were mostly talking about social security, medicare and medicaid. we had pre-planned this conference call, so how timely. but a lot of constituents had questions about whether they would receive their checks. >> reporter: and we tried to get an on-camera interview with roscoe barlow's office from maryland, but his office said he was too busy with meetings but his communication manager said their office has received many calls about the debt ceiling debate in recent weeks but no surge in calls today. >> what does congresswoman say about the boehner plan?
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>> reporter: it's a no go. and she hasn't decided on the reid proposal. the speaker said he can get his plan through both of houses but it doesn't look like the white house will agree. >> matt acland. thank you. more than 90 postal outlets in virginia on the chopping block. they are among 3600 post offices under review for possible closing. a review does not necessarily mean the post office will be closed. last year the u.s. postal service lost $8 billion. we are staying on top of a developing story in d.c. tonight. a council member facing calls to resign. after an investigation, the council member harry thomas, jr., spending, he was accused of using money for personal reasons. thomas will repay the city for the amount in question and donate thousands of dollars worth of sports equipment to a
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children's sport league. well today mayor gray said, quote, i am pleased that the complaint the office of the attorney general filed against council member harry thomas has come to a quick resolution. i applaud attorney nathan and his staff for achieving a settlement, particularly one that will benefit district of columbia children. and day one post lock-out and today the gates of redskins park were open to prayers for the -- to players for the first time in four and a half months. we are live in ashburn, virginia, where things are getting back on track. feldy? >> reporter: we are excited about some football. some players came in and the facility opened for them at around 10:00 a.m. this morning. none of them stayed very long but some of them worked out, check their lockers, talked with coaches, which they are now allowed to do. the big questions remain of donovan mcnabb. and in fact he was not here today. he is under contract ands is believed that he will be traded, probably to minnesota. rex grossman is a free agent
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but we believe he will be resigned. and that leaves us with john beck, who, as everyone knows, he is the starting quarterback. beck is in his 5th year out the byu, drafted in the dolphins in '07 and played with the ravens in 2009. a short time ago i spoke with the man who very well could be the redskins starting quarterback. >> john beck, as happy as anybody that the lockout is over. >> glad it is over and we can be back here working. >> and you're back to work and you've talked all along like you are going to be starter. as a quarterback, you have to be confidence. has mike shanahan told you something that he hasn't told us yet, or is there some inside info that you know you are the starter. >> it's just a competition, is what i've been told, the competition to be that guy and i feel confident in that competition because i worked so hard. and like you said, all quarterbacks are built that way and if you're not built that way, you have no chance to succeed. >> reporter: shanahan has been
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a fan of yours since your byu days. did you know about each other? >> i knew who he was. i followed him a lot. read his book when i was in college. you heard whisperings. when i was in miami and even in baltimore you hear whisperings, so i'm glad to be here. >> since 2007 when you played with the dolphins, i guess you're fresh, that's one way of looking at it, you're not beat up and your body is healthy, but will that be hard to be out of regular season games for that long or does that not deter you at all? >> there is always adjustment period and i haven't played a game that long and i've tried to prepare myself as best as i can. there is no excuse for game experience but you can use preseason games to help that come along quicker. that's what i did. i did not treat practice like practice. i was critical of myself the
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same as i would be in a game because i knew i would have a chance to start down the road and it would come with not a lot of experience behind it. so i used that as my experience. >> reporter: and rex grossman, most believe they will resign him. is that who you believe you will be competing against? >> yeah, rex. i don't know the donovan situation, but it wouldn't surprise me to see a third. but the quarterback needs to be a leader and it's going to be the right person. they could bring five guys in and to me it doesn't matter because i'm trying to go out there and compete and be the guy. >> reporter: you feel on schedule to be an nfl starter? >> i do. i have to feel that way. if i don't, i have no chance. >> reporter: and shawn, you can relate to this, he hasn't been sleeping well. not because he's worried about being a quarterback, but
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because he has another cowboy. they have all boys. >> what is the schedule for the skins this week? >> we won't see them on field until friday morning at the 8:30 practice and friday at 6:00 p.m., it gets real. they can announce the signing of free agents. so it's all going to come together very quickly. >> and are fan as loued to come out and watch? >> fans are allowed at saturday's practice. there is a practice on saturday and that's the one fans can go to. >> no doubt they will be excited about that. thank you. days after a gunman shot and killed dozens of people in norway, we are learning new details about what fueled the violence. you may be surprised how hot it can get inside a car. tonight warnings about just how deadly this can be for children. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 will come right back. 
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president obama and vice president biden visiting the norwegian embassy today. they are there to sign a book of condolences for victims of friday's bomb attack and island shooting spree. 76 people were killed in that massacre. meanwhile police in norway are revealing the names of the victims. they are also defending their response to the deadliest attacks in the country's modern history. greg burk has the latest from oslo. >> reporter: people across norway have started putting names to the victims killed in the deadly dual attack that
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left dozens dead and a country reeling. police releasing the name of a few victims today and will continue releasing names every day until each person has been identified. >> it's a very complicated job, and of course their families -- you have to consider their families are in a very difficult situation. >> reporter: they are also investigating the claims of additional terror cells made by breivik, the man who confessed to carrying out the attacks. this, as police defend themselves over a perceived slow response to the attacks. >> i don't think this could have gone faster. i can't see how that could be possible within this instance and under these conditions. >> reporter: breivik's attorneys speaking for the first time saying his client is likely insane, stating that breivik claims he is trying to start a war across the west to
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save it from muslim colonisation. and he said breivik took drugs before initiating the attacks. >> what was the purpose of the drugs. >> to be strong and keep him away. >> reporter: those from the labour party vowing to recover. >> the labor youth have said themselves, they will take back the island, we will help them with this. >> reporter: police say the island where the labour youth camp was taken place will remain closed until their investigation is complete. in oslo, norway, greg burk, fox 5 news. >> the man confessed but has pled not guilty to terrorism charges he is now facing. a faulty water heater is blamed for sending 11 people to the hospital in rockville overnight. a carbon monoxide leak forced residents out of this apartment building on 1st street. but everyone is expected to recover. the heat wave sweeping the country, spotlighting a
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dangerous trend -- children dying from heat stroke after being left alone in hot cars. since 1998, more than 900 children have died. they are trying to reverse the trend and sherry ly explains. >> reporter: it's hard to believe you could forget a child in the backseat of the car, but in half of the cases where children have died in hot cars, the parents or care giver had forgotten. usually there is change en in -- in en routine. and the first step is to get people believe it can happen to them. >> reporter: serena lived 275 days. ray-ray died in the sweltering texas sun when her father forgot to drop her off at day care, the beginning of a perpetual nightmare. >> i could never in my life ever imagine anything like this. >> reporter: this year at least 21 children left in cars have
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died of heat stroke. >> we lose children right now, so we need action right now. >> reporter: federal transportation officials convened a round table on the problem, calling for a national awareness campaign. >> if you kid yourself and say it will never happen to me, then you set yourself up for that danger. >> reporter: in just ten minutes the temperature in a car can rise dramatically. right now the air-conditioning at my car is blowing at 70 degrees but i'm going to turn the car off and roll up the window and see just how hot it gets. i'm already beginning to sweat. it's the body's effort to try and cool down. but a young infant or a child can't do that. right now the temperature inside the car is 134 degrees. when the body temperature reaches 104 degrees, the organs begin to shut down. >> if you leave your child in a car unattended for my amount of time, you are putting your child at risk.
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never do it. >> reporter: reese cav alero started ray-ray's pledge, agreeing to call each other when a child doesn't show up. >> in the times when the parent are vulnerable, we can have a safety net to help prevent any kind of injury to our children. >> reporter: safety advocates call on the auto industry to do more. some after-market warning systems exist, but not auto industry-proven. >> we must warn within 15 seconds or less, when the parent or care giver is still in the area to do something about it. that means that we're likely to have a high percentage. >> reporter: in june a 2-year- old bristow boy was found dead inside the family minivan, still strapped in his car seat. there is no time to waste. a simple solution for now. women. >> take your purse and put it in the backseat next to your child. and men take your cell phone and leave it and that way you
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won't forget. technology will come later. for instance, since congressman dated automatic trunk releases inside a car, those new cars haven't had a single child die inside. in northwest, sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> important tips there. a new law signed today by virginia governor bob mcdonnell, the result of a mother's efforts following her daughter's tragedy death. the new law requires officers to use lights and sirens when going through a red light responding to a call. it also requires them to slow down instead of just speeding through the light. three years ago ashley macintosh was killed when her car was hit by an emergency veh the vehicle had lights flashing but no siren. the governor spoke today on wtop radio about the bill. >> public safety is a top priority and everything we can do to make sure our great law enforcement officers are properly trained and equipped is something that we wanted to
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do. >> the governor acknowledged in a statement today that ashley's family and friends made that law happen. parents and kids in montgomery county may have to adjust to a brand new occur fee. county council heard arguments about the proposed law. under the bill minors would have a curfew from 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. sunday through thursday and until midnight on weekends. minors could not be in public places, including during the street. it is meant to address gang activity in crime. coming up, a gorgeous day across the region. will this weather pattern hold? gary's sneak peek at the forecast is coming up next. ♪
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if you felt like your a.c. ran constantly during the heat wave last week, you were not alone. dominion virginia said customers used an all-time high of energy last friday.
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they supplied more than 25,000- megawatts of power between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m. one megawatt is enough electricity for 250 homes. the previous summertime record was set back in 2007. we have a warning that west nile virus has been found in mosquito samples in adams morgan neighborhoods but health officials say it won't pop up in other areas. residents are advised to stay indoors when mosquitos are active or use long sleeves and use insect repellant. the humidity lower today. still hot. >> but it was nice to not feel the thickness. i heard someone say it's like walking around inside a marshmallow. >> that is exactly what it is. it is a swamp, really. so gary, how are we looking for tonight? >> thank goodness it's simply a
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metaphor, right? the stay puff marshmallow man comes to mind. it's hot out there, you got that right. and you both noticed the lower humidity that is just temporary, unfortunately. and we have one more day. let's go to true view and show you, there is not a cloud in the sky. a couple of thunderstorms up in the north. i doubt they stay together to get it to the northern sections of maryland, but just so you know. a bunch of clear weather out to the west. here is the numbers, 97 in frederick, 94 in busey. if we had a lot of humidity it would be out there. 90 at 7:00, fair skies at 9:00 and 80 degrees by 11:00 and nice and comfortable humidity levels. it will stay with us one more day and then it will feel like a big marshmallow again because it's all coming back. ladies? >> great. thank you, gary. so will your social security check arrive and will it be tougher to buy a car or
5:26 pm
house next year? >> the fox 5 money team answering your questions next. karen. >> reporter: d.c. water said they don't question better clean-up standards but taxpayers should know it's going to cost you.
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there is still no deal in the debt ceiling debate. eric cantor is trying to get the gop rank and file behind john boehners plan to raise the debt limit. it would establish a committee charged with finding another $1.8 trillion in spending cuts. if they accomplish that goal, the debt ceiling would be raised another $1.6 trillion with congressional approval. meantime harry reid said boehners plan have no chance of passing the senate and the president said he would veto it because it would require a
5:30 pm
second vote in months. and meantime we wonder how this will affect you. we have some answers for you tonight. melanie alnwick ran the numbers today. what did you find out? >> reporter: we're seeing the effects on the stock market today. the dow closed down today for the third day in a row, down 56 points and in investigators are worried about what will happen to the economy if a deal doesn't go through. >> reporter: and those at the u.s. capitol this week are witnessing political rankling as america deals with its own debt crisis. >> it's happening in europe also. it's becoming a global issue. >> if there is not an agreement reached, i am worried. >> reporter: some will pray for a solution. and they raise many fears about financial consequences. jim angel, a professor of finance at mcdonna school of business unders the fear. >> there is speculation about what might happen and the
5:31 pm
reality is we don't know what can happen. >> reporter: but first some facts. is the u.s. going to run out of money? no. >> default means you've broken your promise. >> reporter: it doesn't mean you are flat broke. the government will still be bringing in tax revenue, just not enough to pay bills on time. will social security payments stop? angel is willing to bet the white house has a plan b. >> i'm sure if the social security checks did not go out my 91-year-old mother would be on the picket line. there are a number of things and very questionable legalities could be done to buy time to avoid a worst-case- scenario. >> reporter: but an outright default would mean devastating impacts on our economy. >> that could cause a large amount of chaos and confusion in the markets. much as we saw in september of 20089. >> reporter: and what about interest rate spikes? angel said that depends on how safe investors believe it is to lend the u.s. money. just like the banks charge higher credit card rates to customers who don't have a good
5:32 pm
credit history, if the u.s. treasurerory credit worthiness takes a hit means -- >> the investors will expect a higher interest rate on them and that will push up interest rates for all of us. >> how soon that will happen, we don't know. but out right default is doomsday. and everything that you and i borrow is pegged to the treasury rate plus some. there are people who are watching treasury bonds and say so far investors aren't panicking yet and u.s. is still seen as a solid investment. >> that can change. and i understand you uncovered another myth today. >> we've been hearing over and over again the u.s. has never defaulted on its debt. dr. angel said not true. he said it happened in the 1970s during a similar political standoff. the treasury was several days late paying bills and it happened in the 1830s and with the revolutionary war debt. he does note that the u.s. has always eventually paid off its debt. >> still a scary scenario. thanks for breaking it down for
5:33 pm
us. paying for college is also expensive. so which universities turn out the highest paid gradates? a survey by pay found princeton grads make the most cash with a mid salary of $130,000 and followed by california institution of technology and harvey and harvard. cal tech had the cheapest tuition for 2011 as just $36,000 a year. a strict deadline set for d.c., maryland and environmental officials for the river. a judge called the river dirty and he's demanded tougher standards within one year to make the river welcome to swimming and fisherman. we take a closer look at the new clean-up order. >> reporter: folks who live and work and play in the anacostia water shed may one day get relief from the more than 5 billion gallons of storm water
5:34 pm
and raw sewage that drain into the river each year. dotty wonders' anacostia river group sued and called the court ruling a major victory. >> the judge said the anacostia is, in a word, dirty. and the government agencies that are responsible for cleaning up the river have been indifferent. >> reporter: this is a quasi government agency that have clean-up rules. their manager had this reaction ordering the epa and d.c. and maryland with the new standards. >> we are all in agreement that it needs to be cleaned up. there is not anyone doing more than we are. >> reporter: we rode along with a skimmer boat that cleans up the river. it picks up mostly floatable debris, like pieces of wood, a
5:35 pm
lot of plastic bottles. the big challenge will be to get rid of sewage that overflows into the river along with rain water during storms. d.c. water has a big promotion about the huge underwater tunnel it's about to build that will keep the overflow from going into the river. >> you're going to be just one more drop of pollution. >> instead it will go down a drop shaft and captured in a tunnel but unlike a rain barrel where it is held in place, it is transported in the tunnels down here and then it will get pumped back up and get full treatment at this plant. >> reporter: but new technology is costly. he said over the next ten years average rates will go from $60 a month to over $100. meantime environmental groups say they will keep an eye on government agencies. >> when they won't voluntarily do the right thing, we'll take action like we did two years ago and we'll sue them. >> reporter: along the
5:36 pm
anacostia river, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> that underground tunnel would run up the river to national stadium with segments in d.c. ground breaking is expected in the fall. just in time for summer vacations, tourists are being treated with something a little bizarre. >> don't miss where tourists are getting free vaccines at the airport. that's next. and it shattered box office records but tonight the final installment in the harry potter series is getting a dubious distinction. keep it right here. fox 5 news will be right back.
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in tonight's health alert, germany is declaring the end of a deadly e-coli outbreak. more than 50 people died and 4400 others got sick. most of the victims were in europe but one case in the united states was linked to the
5:40 pm
outbreak. germany's federal disease control reports there have been no new cases in the past three weeks. the cause of the outbreak is still under investigation. just in time for the summer vacation, mexican health officials are trying to prevent a measles outbreak. they are offering travelers free measles shots at mexico city international airport. a baby arrived at the airport from france with the disease earlier this month. that is mexico's first case of measles in four years. combating cancer in maryland, health officials are launching what they call a road map to reduce cases. cancer is the second leading cause of death in the state. the new cancer plan outlines the state's vision for reducing cases and includes sections on nutrition, physical activity and prevention and early detection. each section contains goals and strategies to serve as a guide. it is hot outside, but as we said earlier, at least there is a break in the humidity department. >> thank goodness for that. but the question is how will the rest of the workweek shape
5:41 pm
up? gary full forecast is coming -- gary's full forecast is coming up in minutes.
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an oklahoma man had a fortune hidden in his home and he didn't know it. his collection of 17th century chinese cups made from rhinoceros horn is the most valuable find in the history of the antiques road show. the cups are appraised at up to $1.5 million. the man, who did not want to be identified, collected the cups back in the 1970s and he did not pay much for them. >> big find for him. another man knows he has thousands of dollars worth of jewelry stashed away but he's not worried about selling it but he wants to give the pieces away in return for a promise. maria stefan os has his story. >> reporter: by the water, under a bright blue sky, you will find david stone. it's not what he's looking for, but what he does with his finds
5:45 pm
that sets this guy apart. >> saint christopher metals is a jude aic one. and then i'm sure there is a young lady out there named rachel that lost something. there is a lot more silver and gold rings. >> he has a bigger jewelry box than most guys you know. several boxes found with treasures he found beneath the sand and surf. >> after we went to the turks, i think it was 2001, while snorkeling my daughter had a ring at a snorkel park. and it downed on me, if they make one that goes in the water, this is where the action is. >> reporter: joe found this under water detector worth about $1,200 and set out skav anging. he does spend a lot of time in turks and caicos and is often on the beaches. >> we'll start with a lot of
5:46 pm
u.s. coins. these are ones i found in parkwood beach. >> reporter: and he finds unique custom jewelry which has initials engraved on the front, but the problem is finding who the pieces belong to. >> i started to think about it and i tried to figure out a way to do this on the internet and i started looking for internet names like lost jewelry or lost rings were all taken up. and i just started playing around and i came up with i lost my and that was available. >> reporter: he filled the site with rings and bracelets and bobbles he finds in his travels, simply hoping return to sender. >> this is a ring apparently given to a gentleman from ellen. if your name is gene and you married lewis and if you lost a wedding ring, if you can tell me how it's engraved or the date or whatever, where you lost it, i'm happy to get it back to you. >> reporter: stone's most
5:47 pm
frequent find is men's wedding rings. >> i had someone come up and say we've been married two hours and right after the ceremony, a gentleman went out and threw the football and it went 200 feet and the ring went 20 into the wave. >> reporter: and the namesen scrolled inside sometimes the only help to find the rightful owners. >> it is inscribed and has the name gabriela. this one went to princess vivian. >> reporter: stone has found it all. diamonds and gold chains and thousands of dollars worth of platinum. but stone said finding you is his ultimate goal. >> the best part is the feeling that somebody has gotten it back. people are in tears, i'm in tears. it's really helping somebody. >> reporter: but that's the tough part. stone said out of around 200 pieces of quality jewelry he's found, he's only reunited a couple of dozen people with their missing jewels. that's why he hopes he can spread the world about the website and get the only thing
5:48 pm
he asks for as a repayment. >> the mandatory one is i want to take a photograph, or have you send me a photograph of you with the ring so that i can put it on the website and people will realize, hey, he really will get it back to us. and the other one that is not so mandatory, you got to not wear it in the water any more. you leave it at home. >> reporter: maria stefanos, fox news. >> what a great story. i'm going on there to look. my husband lost his wedding ring on the beach in florida. >> i lost my first one skiing. but about three months later a guy called me from kansas city and he had my ring. true story. >> did you put your phone number on it? >> once the snow melted away in the parking lot, he found my ring and i had given this skier my number and he called me -- i don't wear that ring now, but i do have it. >> it renews your faith in humanity.
5:49 pm
>> and di -- and i did it all without a website. >> hats off to that guy. >> did you see the weather down at the turks and caicos? >> it was just calling me. it's humid down there. >> who cares. >> there is something different about turks and caicos humidity -- >> jump into the water. >> that's right. it's all about the water. we have a little break here. you can actually see with ow tower cam tonight, it's not so hazy and humid. and did you notice the crystal blue skies this morning. all day long, crystal blue skies. and that's your first indication that we've lost a lot of the humidity, the dry air coming in. not only does it come in at the surface, but it comes in a loft and that keeps us dry because the atmosphere mixes as we heat up. and that will be the case again tomorrow. so i think we're in good shape. this is your evening forecast if you are stepping out. it is warm at 7:00, 90 degrees.
5:50 pm
but not too humid. so temperatures at 90, down in the middle to low 80s. feeling very, very comfortable. and then at 11:00, fair skies with 80 degrees. winds 5-15 miles per hour. soo -- a little bit of a breeze out there. 94 here in town. temperatures have been as high as 95 degrees. frederick is running hot at 97. martinsberg, winchester, you are in the upper 90s too. but look at what happens when you factor in the humidity. not much of a change. there is a little bump in the heat index here in the city. we went from 94 to 95. but for frederick and martinsberg and winchester, temperature there is pretty much the same. it's close to 100 for fredericksberg. it looks like, as we get into tomorrow, we'll be just a little bit cooler and then the humidity stays in check. but look what is happening back out to the west. del rio 100, and there is humidity in there too. wichita 101.
5:51 pm
and humidity well up into the 100s today so as we continue to look at these temperatures, this is where the new heat dome is forming. it's not really a new heat dome, it is the same heat dome that was over us as we got it last week, but it's kind of shifted back to the west. and you know what, it looks like it's going to shift back to the east again towards the latter part of the week. so we get a couple of days of relief here, and then here comes the heat right back. and it looks like, as we get to friday and saturday, we're talking again of a heat index of up over 100 degrees. now is it going to be 115 or 120? no. probably more like 103-107. but i'll tell you this, the national weather service is already indicating that they're probably going to have to issue a heat advisory coming up on friday. so just get ready for that. but it will be short-lived. we'll cool down again on sunday and monday. here is the frontal system. a couple of thunderstorms out ahead of that.
5:52 pm
it does not look like the storms will have enough umph to get to us. 75 degrees at noon and by 5:00 tomorrow temperatures around 90 degrees. one more day with comfortable humidity levels and then the humidity will start creeping back up. don't know why that is in there. we're looking for the five-day. there you go. 95 on thursday. so the eat goes back up. and then friday 99, probably feel like 103 or 105. it will probably feel like 103 to 105 on saturday with thunderstorms. turks and caicos anybody? >> sign me up. >> we'll bring a charter. >> everybody in the studio put their hands up. it is a record that the harry potter franchise didn't want to set. after the biggest box opening in movie history, harry potter had the biggest decline for any
5:53 pm
blockbuster. it earned the record $169 million in the first weekend but then dropped off. 72% to make $47 million in the second weekend. now to the talk of the town on tmz, a final farewell to amy winehouse. her funeral services were held today. harvey levin is live with more on the services. >> reporter: it was a private ceremony. family mostly. there were a few stars there. she decided that her body would be cremated and they carried out those wishes already. so the chapter is kind of closed now. and i am fascinated by what will happen next, actually. amy winehouse in death, will she do what michael jackson was able to do, which was to become even more relevant and her music even more popular. we will see? >> and also i know another big story you are following today, the network bidding war over the key players in the casey anthony murder case is getting crazy.
5:54 pm
what kind of numbers are you hearing that folks are willing to pay for interviews here? >> shawn, this is a huge story. so we found out that casey anthony's parents -- parents have turned down $250,000 from a daytime talk show because it's not nearly enough. it's not even in the universe. so there is crazy money. we're hearing that casey anthony, they may have closed that deal at more than $1.5 million for her. now abc news just came out with something really interesting. they said, we are never again going to pay for video and photos as part of the interview because the scam, they are saying is we don't pay for interviews but they pay a million dollars for high school photos. so it's all a big sham but they say we're out of that game. i think others are still in it. >> it's going to be interesting to see who lands the first big interview. harvey, thanks so much for the update. we'll see you here for tmz on tv at 6:30.
5:55 pm
let's head over to brian bolter for a look at what is next on the news edge at 6:00. we are one week aaway from a critical deadline but are lawmakers any closer to reaching an agreement on the debt ceiling? the latest at the top of the hour. plus a mother facing three years in prison after her son is killed while jay walking across a busy street. we'll tell you about the emotional outcome. m.u.m.b.o. you know that word. >> how a local woman is trying to take this d.c. staple nationwide.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
special duty today for d.c. police officers. helping local students get ready to go back to school. the officers participated in shopping sprees for the kids at this columbia heights target.
5:59 pm
in our area, 80 students were the recipients of shopping trips to pick up new school supplies. >> d.c. police have really stepped up and decided to volunteer to come in and help the children shop today. we are so appreciative that they are here. we think that makes a positive impact on the lives of these children. >> nationwide the salvation army and target are offering about 12,000 kids shopping trips today. great program. >> and it's about that time. thanks so much for joining us tonight at 5:00. >> the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. there is just one week left. on august 2nd the u.s. could start defaulting on its debt. meantime the partisan bickering continues on capitol hill over raising the nation's debt ceiling. lawmakers are being flooded with phone calls and e-mails f

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